Samsung 9kg Dryer DV90TA040AX

KSh 109,990

Features & Compatibility

The SAMSUNG-9KG-DRYER-DV90TA040AX is a flexible and efficient tumble dryer that adapts to your home and needs. You can install it wherever you want and change the door to open on the left or right side of the dryer. This makes it convenient to access your clothes and match it with your washing machine.

Whether you need to dry your favourite top for a spontaneous night out or a full load of laundry, the 35 Minute Quick Dry cycle can do it in just over half an hour*. How amazing is that? It’s perfect for loads of up to 1kg.

Taking care of your machine will make it last longer and get your laundry perfectly dry every time. Maintain your tumble dryer and enhance the drying performance with our 2-in-1 filter which collects fluff, meaning the heat exchange filter needs cleaning less often. And in case you forget, the handy clean alarm reminds you when it needs to be done.

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