Samsung 23ltr Solo Microwave Oven MS23F301TAW

KSh 18,990

Features & Compatibility

The SAMSUNG-23LTR-SOLO-MICROWAVE-OVEN-MS23F301TAW is a Samsung microwave oven that offers fast and convenient cooking with 20 pre-set modes. It has a HotBlast™ technology that reduces cooking times by blowing hot air through multiple air-holes directly onto food, resulting in a crispy outside and juicy inside. It also has a ceramic interior that is easy to clean and won’t scratch or discolor over time. The microwave oven has a large turntable that can accommodate big plates of food and a fermentation function that lets you make homemade yogurt, bread, pizza, and more. The microwave oven has a sleek and elegant design, with a white glass front and a crystal blue display. It also has an ECO mode that saves energy by reducing standby power. The SAMSUNG-23LTR-SOLO-MICROWAVE-OVEN-MS23F301TAW is a simple and effective microwave oven that offers a variety of cooking options and features.

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