Samsung 18kg Front Load Washing Machine WF18T8000GV

KSh 194,990

Features & Compatibility

The SAMSUNG-18KG-FRONT-LOAD-WASHING-MACHINE-WF18T8000GV is a smart and eco-friendly washing machine that can handle large loads of laundry with ease. It has the following features:

  • 18kg capacity: This washing machine can wash up to 18kg of clothes in one cycle, making it ideal for large families or businesses.
  • Eco Bubble™ technology: This technology mixes air, water, and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate deep into the fabrics and remove dirt and stains at low temperatures, saving energy and protecting the clothes.
  • Smart Control: This washing machine can be controlled and monitored from your smartphone using the SmartThings app*. You can also get personalized recommendations, schedule your washes, and link your washer and dryer for optimal results.
  • Hygiene Steam: This feature uses steam to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and allergens from your clothes, giving you a hygienic and fresh wash.
  • Drum Clean+: This feature keeps the drum and the door seal clean and free of odor-causing bacteria, without using any detergents. It also reminds you to run a cleaning cycle after every 40 washes.
  • Bubble Soak: This feature adds a 30-minute soaking phase to your wash cycle, where the clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles to loosen and remove stubborn stains.

The SAMSUNG-18KG-FRONT-LOAD-WASHING-MACHINE-WF18T8000GV has a sleek black design, a black tinted door, and a digital inverter motor that ensures low noise and long-lasting performance. It also has an 1100RPM spin speed, 13 wash programs, and a 13 amp plug supplied.

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