Mombasani – The Medina Bliss

I recently went out on a holiday. A long one for that matter. Three days in Medina with fam and a week at Flamingo Beach Resort thanks to my employer. Am always the errand boy when we do our road trips or do our fun visits. Am always the director of photography, the lights guy and the primary and secondary photographer. Let me not bore you with stories. Let the photos tell the story. Location: Medina Palms – Watamu Gadget: […]

Photos That Inspired My 2016

The following are photos that have inspired my year. I have emotional attachment to most of them because they tell a story. They remind me of who I am, where I have come from and what path I am taking in my photography. 1. Johnson Sakaja Wanna know why this comes first? Follow this link. I remember we were at a birthday party, Naisula in 30 & Fabulous. Bikozulu did Sakaja’s story that day. He saw me holding a camera […]

Unscrambling Africa

Did you know that when you Google the images of Kenya you will get more photos of Kenya burning ivory than the beautiful Nairobi skyline, natural scenery and the incredible dawn and dusk photos that you see around on social media, magazines and calendars? Well, according to this site http://www.africanbudgetsafaris.com/blog/africas-best-national-parks-by-country/ Kenya ranks first in Top 5 travel destinations and according to CNN Travel we rank first in Africa’s 10 best safari parks. So, why are we depicted to be destroying […]

JohnMark & Shirley Engagement

So this wasn’t an easy one. JohnMark can testify to how hard it was to make all things plug. We thank that the #GodoftheImpossible was there on our side. Shirley knew that she was going for a photoshoot and I was the guy to make that happen. The venue was romantic and alluring, but not to the photographer. I thought it was a party and my biggest task was to make those few candid shots and call it a day. I […]

Harris Weds

I have longed to do this post. Maybe because it was the first shoot I ever did in life. I knew little about photography. All I knew was to slide to Auto and shoot. I dared to do something different though, I yearned much to be unique and be amazing. I stored this photos for quite a while but recently as I was building my portfolio I said, ‘Why Not?’ It was on 13th December 2014. The wedding takes place […]